My name is Miguel Robles, I’m from Spain, born in 1991, and I'm a self taught designer in both graphic arts and fashion. My accomplishments through life have been various and very different. I’ve been successful in disciplines such as filmmaking, where I have been awarded over 50 times nationally and internationally, with editing and photography. I was featured in the digital Vogue magazine, for collaborating with another Spanish designer in the 2017 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, which ended up being one of my worst life time decisions, both for business and fashion, but that’s another story....

IMJENNIUS has been created from experience, passion, wins, failure, and my inspiration and love for hip hop, Japanese ,African, and Renaissance art and culture. My end goal with the brand is to offer stylish, unique and affordable fashion items with a positive impact to the planet, sustainability, fair trade, gender equality, creative freedom, and we believe that we can give even more within a few years..

I have always been inspired by high fashion brands such as Gucci, Versace, Prada, Louis Vuitton and others. But something didn’t feel right. I felt like fashion was over prized and over rated in some aspects. Some fashion articles are more expensive than they actually should be, of course that everyone has to make money, and that hand made products should be expensive, but you can’t pretend that a cotton t-shirt is worth 600$, it just doesn't add up to me.


What's your take on this?