First of all, thank you for reading this and welcome to my page.

My name is Miguel Robles, and I'm a Spanish designer.

After my whole life drawing and painting as a hobby, one day I designed a drawing on a man bust and I had an interesting idea: what if this could be something to wear every day and inspire people?

In 2016 I started an interesting trip supported by friends and close people, creating my own brand, Imjennius, an interdisciplinary movement where design, graphic arts, music, and show business unite.

Consolidating a brand of clothing that evokes luxury, comfort, and exclusivity.





Imjennius is more than clothing, we work following our values, which are loving what we do, and supporting art in the different ways it exist, working always with people who really are artists because of their talent, hardwork and committment to their dreams.




Imjennius gold face logo