Imjennius Face Ski Mask Grey

    Imjennius Face Ski Mask Grey

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      Original design of the Imjennius symbol. The Greek-inspired face of neoclassical art, combined with the urban tattoo style. A combination that aims to reach the lover of classical and Rococo art, and the informal style of cosmopolitan life.

      Handmade and subsequently vectorized design. This design symbolizes the combination of the times in a fusion that breaks the stigmas of the interpretation of art only represented in canvases and sculptures. It belongs to the Imjennius Face collection.

      This Ski mask is produced with recycled plastic worked in an ecological way. To produce this shirt we used approx 10 bottles collected from the sea.

      Type: 7.05 Oz. Made from 100%  Recycled Polyester

      • High quality face mask cover, comfortable and breathable. Ideal for outdoor activities.
      • Provides great protection to your face, ear and neck from UV rays.


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